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Carpet Cleaning North Bellmore NY

Are Your Vacuums Doing Enough?

Are your carpets looking dull and worn out? Are you wondering if your vacuuming routine is really doing any good? The answer is probably not.

Carpets are essential features of any standard home, however home owners tend to only pay them attention when they have begun to lose durability or start to collect too much dust. Vacuuming is a helpful chore, however the function of a vacuum is one of maintenance.

In order to truly clean your carpets a professional is required. Vacuuming is optimal for removing the top most layers of dust and debris of a carpet, but in order to really make them shine like new, the bottom most layers of hardened soil and bacteria must be extracted using extreme heat. Our steam cleaning treatment is known all of Nassau County as the quickest and most efficient steam cleaning in town.

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Why is Steam Cleaning the Ideal Treatment?

Steam cleaning machines are truck mounted cleaning units with enough power to generate steam.

The combination of industrial detergent, specialized brushes, and steam looses up the carpet fibers just enough to reach the bottom most layers. This is the part of the carpet overlooked by vacuums, yet the part of the carpet that harbors the most hazardous bacteria which must be removed.

Several varieties of allergens, dander, odors, and bacteria live and breed here. Mold and mildew also often begin their formation here and since they are so far beneath the carpet's surface, their presence is many times over looked.

Our carpet technicians are specialized in mold and mildew detection and are trained to neutralize their growth in the earliest stages. Once they begin to expand throughout the carpet, the chances of successfully removing them become slimmer and in most cases carpets must be replaced.

Let Us Refresh Your Home with a Steam Clean

Our technicians are all trained and certified in New York and have been working locally for years. As members of the community, we aim to be leaders in customer service. In order to achieve this we have put an emphasis on both customer service and on using environmentally friendly products. If you would like to know more about our green initiative, please contact our customer service representative for details.

Carpet Cleaning North Bellmore NY is more than just carpet cleaning. We also offer several additional home cleaning services. For more information, please visit our website or contact us today. Be sure to ask about our free over the phone price estimate!

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Carpet Cleaning North Bellmore NY

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